Are There Online Communities Or Forums For Irish Genealogy Enthusiasts?

There are several online communities and forums dedicated to Irish genealogy enthusiasts, offering platforms like’s community forum, RootsChat’s Irish Boards section, Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO), various Facebook groups such as Irish Genealogy and county-specific ones like Cork Genealogy, the Irish Genealogy Toolkit Forum,, and GenForum by

Irish genealogy research is considered complex but rewarding, given Ireland’s history of record losses, migration, and name changes. Fortunately, with advanced technology and research techniques, it has become easier to gain insights about Irish ancestry and make some notable progress in your family tree. 

One budget-friendly way to gain insights about Irish genealogy is to leverage online databases and join the numerous online communities and forums flocked with enthusiasts. These communities have proven vital in sharing knowledge, experiences, and advice regarding Irish heritage research. 

This guide highlights some of the best communities and forums you can join to make your Irish genealogy research process collaborative and enjoyable. 

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1. Community

The Ancestry website has proven vocal in matters of genealogy, from conducting DNA tasks to building your family tree to bringing genealogy enthusiasts together for collaboration and insights. As one of the largest genealogy websites globally, Ancestry boasts an extensive database of records indexed from repositories worldwide to simplify your research process. 

What’s more? It has a robust community forum you can join and discuss various aspects of your Irish genealogy research with other members. As a member, you can share your tips or direct your unique questions to professional genealogists and experienced researchers making up the membership.  

2. RootsChat

RootsChat gives you free access to its genealogy forum, which focuses on family history research in the UK and Ireland. This site also has the Irish Boards section, which handles general Irish genealogy topics, focusing on all the counties on the island. 

As a member, you can post your query or area of interest to connect with other board members interested in your topic. For example, you can post a surname that you want to research in your family to see if anyone among the members is interested in the same. 

Besides, RootsChat members can request lookups for specific locations and records. The vibrant team will be ready and willing to supply what’s available, helping you overcome any obstacles in your research. 

3. Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO)

As the name suggests, this forum connects people of Irish heritage with their communities and ancestral church parishes in Ireland. Common features for you to leverage include the Message Board, which let you share your unique stories with the members or seek advice on any Irish genealogy-related issue.

Notably, most of the members in the Ireland Reaching Out community are volunteers from local communities with expertise and a wealth of knowledge regarding specific regional queries and the culture. 

Many members have detailed profiles of their ancestors in the Chronicles section, which helps you uncover regional stories rare in online databases. 

4. Facebook Groups

Meta’s Facebook is also a favorite for Irish genealogy enthusiasts who want to connect, share, research, and seek advice about their heritage. Popular Facebook groups like the Irish Genealogy have tens of thousands of members who discuss Irish genealogy almost daily. 

You can also join county-specific groups like Cork Genealogy and Kerry Genealogy‘s Facebook groups to focus your Irish genealogy on a specific location or demography. The primary benefit of joining these Facebook forums is getting real-time interaction and quickly accessing particular members. 

5. Irish Genealogy Toolkit Forum

The Irish Genealogy Toolkit website has made a name for its vast resource library, which provides links to crucial Irish genealogy records, tools, and databases. This site also has a forum section dedicated to helping Irish genealogy enthusiasts interact and make progress in researching their Irish roots. 

In addition to articles and guides written by expert researchers, the Irish genealogy toolkit site has a member discussion forum for discussing strategies, sharing tips, and asking questions. This opportunity to meet veterans, plus the access to expert advice and guides, can go a long way in helping you enhance your Irish ancestry-search. 

6. is a popular Irish message board with several sections dedicated to a community interested in uncovering their Irish heritage. Here, you can discuss anything about ancient Ireland and the effects events on the island have on modern Ireland and the Irish diaspora. 

The message board also has experienced genealogists and historians who share anecdotes to help the younger generation in the community understand Irish history and evolution. It also grants you an opportunity to seek clarification on any issue or ask questions to help enhance your family history research. also has the Event Information feature, which details new Irish genealogy resources and related upcoming events to keep you updated and update your research accordingly. 

7. GenForum by is a critical tool for all genealogy research-related topics and offers a forum for the community to discuss their experiences and hurdles. The Irish Genealogy Board on the site lets you discuss relevant topics like Irish records, ancestors, and the best research strategies for unique family structures. 

There’s also the Surname Forum dedicated to community members focusing their Irish genealogy research on haplogroups and connecting them with others searching for similar or close surnames. All these features are in addition to a wealth of links to genealogy databases and websites meant to help you expedite and authenticate findings on your Irish genealogy research. 

Alternatively, you can request assistance locating your surname, or any other specific Irish genealogy leads in the Help Request space on the home page. One GenForum advantage is the well-organized interface that makes it easy to follow through and quickly gather information. 

Join Online Community Forums for Irish Genealogy Research

Online community forums focusing on Irish genealogy research are a must-join for people looking to learn about their Irish heritage and make substantial progress. While you may need more than the experiences, knowledge, and advice offered in these communities to complete a comprehensive genealogy report, they guide you through the information to find and where to look. 

Who knows? You could find a professional Irish genealogy researcher willing to help you complete your family tree or a close match relative willing to collaborate with you on exploring that common ancestor or a haplogroup. The possibilities are endless with a Genealogy forum, and you can only understand them after you’ve joined one. 

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