Costs €250 for Genealogist in Ireland

With €250 ($271), you can have your research conducted and a comprehensive report submitted to you within no time. With Irish records becoming more readily available online, plus advances in research techniques, finding your Irish ancestry has never been more affordable.  

Whether you want a detailed report or just some copies of Irish land records, a professional Irish genealogist is a text away 

While prices may vary across professionals for reasonable reasons, you don’t need to break the bank for a task lasting five hours. With ingenuity, you’ll expertly dodge service providers charging you over €150 for services like preliminary assessment while others offer it for free.  

The process is also simple. You complete an assessment form and share all the information and evidence you have, and a professional is assigned to you to personally lead you through your discovery.   

This guide highlights the costs of genealogy services and the other benefits that offset the cost.

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How Much Does A Genealogist Charge In Ireland? 

At least €250 can help create your Irish ancestor’s biography, but expanding your family history may require over €1,000. The exact price for your services depends on your preferred service provider and the uniqueness of your family structure.  

Every family is unique, as is their history, making research unpredictable. So factors like time, scope, and nature of the project are subject to agreements, as are the costs. However, it would help if you inquired with your service providers about any other expenses arising in due process, such as records fees, mailing fees, etc.  

What Determines The Cost of Genealogists in Ireland? 

The major factors determining the cost of professional Irish genealogists include the type of assignment, the scope required, the time it will take, and the number of records required. Limited-scope research is seen as more affordable, but ordering bigger or more services together may be cheaper, mainly due to the crossover of information.  

Normally, the type of assignment you request lays the ground for the rest of the scenarios. The most popular genealogy assignment is a detailed report of family history. However, clients also ask for specific records, graphic family trees, haplogroup research, ancestor biography, descendant family history, and more.  

Below, we break down each assignment and the probable average cost.  

General Irish Genealogy Cost 

The most popular service requested is a detailed report, which entails researching your family back in time or otherwise requested. As a client, you can discuss with the service provider a budget and scope of your research or grab vouchers and packages offered to last a few months, days, or hours.  

An average research hour may cost as low as $111 (€102), so with $2,226 (€2,050), you qualify for a 20-Hour Research Package. Note that this may exclude mailing charges and costs to buy necessary records.  

The result is a coherent family heritage backed with records and graphic forms. Irish genealogists can also provide additional historical context to the ancestry by describing and interpreting all the records.  

Expanded Irish family history helps break a brick wall, correct errors, verify, or untangle confusion. Most Irish genealogy services clients seek stem from the gap beyond the 1800s, when records retrieval proves a hurdle and Gaelic names start to appear.  

Expansion research usually takes more time and is costlier than general research.  

Records Retrieval Costs 

Records are the backbone of Irish genealogy reports, and that’s why the Republic of Ireland decided to create a digital replica of the Public Records Office burned in the 1922 fire. Through the Beyond 2022 campaign, the Irish government made digital records available to help the over 80 million Irish diaspora individuals track their roots.  

Professional Irish genealogists offer discounts on bulk records orders and also include some charges in the research fee since they may have exclusive paid access to databases and archives. However, some records may not be available from free-access websites as they may have fallen outside the data protection dates.  

Finding the most affordable options is wise, but set aside about $10 for every record you may need.  

Descendant Family History Cost 

Descendant family history traces back to a common ancestor who probably emigrated from Ireland and lost touch with home. This research involves finding every relative within Ireland or elsewhere who descends from that one person or family.  

This type of genealogy does not have a one-size-fits-all cost because privacy laws relating to living persons are stricter than those of the deceased. Besides, the scope or time of the exploration remains unpredictable, leaving the expenses to your agreement with your service provider. Nonetheless, you can have your genealogy conducted on a $795/hr project rather than a per-result basis.  

Ancestor Biography Cost 

Professional genealogists trace the momentous events of your ancestor’s life and detail them for you and future generations. Whether focusing on one ancestor, couples, siblings, or a nuclear family, you can have research commenced for that unit from as low as €250.  

Discuss in advance with your preferred service provider your expectations for the biography and your budget. Also, provide background information and records to help the genealogist formulate the best results. A well-publicized and known ancestor makes the work easier and the outcome a possibility.  

Single Line Genealogy Cost 

Irish genealogist will also help you track your paternal or maternal ancestry for at least €300. The final report should focus on your father’s line, exploring your grandfather, great-grandfather, and possibly even great-great-grandfather. The same happens for the maternal line. A combination of the two would cost over €600.  

Don’t Pay More 

Irish genealogy is becoming a reality thanks to the availability of historical records online and the notable advances in research techniques. With just €250, you can enjoy genealogy research services for your family and receive detailed reports and documents.  

However, the process will vary depending on your service provider, the scope and nature of your family, and your request. Nonetheless, as a rule of thumb, take advantage of bonuses and free services to save your hard-earned cash and still get an authentic report. 

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